Poland, September 2013

Coming off the positive experience I had in Nicaragua, I decided to travel solo again, this time to Poland. My week was spent exploring a new city, eating some really great food, and speaking Polish.

I flew into Warszawa, where my friend met me and we had dinner with his cousins on (technically) Serbian soil.  We then took a train south to his apartment in Kraków. I spent a few days exploring Kraków while he worked, then we took a day to bus further south to Zakopane, where we hiked in the Tatry. I scaled my first real mountain (Kopa Kondracka – 2000m)! When we got back to Kraków, I tried to meet up with some of the local Deaf people, but it didn’t work out this time. As a consolation, I got a picture outside their building.

This trip was like nothing I had ever done before – I had no itinerary, no plans, and (apparently) not the right clothing. Everything ended up turning out great, though, and it was a fantastic first experience in Europe!