Hello! I am a Research Associate in Carnegie Mellon University’s Human Computer Interaction Institute.  I investigate ways that educational technology can be better designed to serve diverse student populations, especially in terms of engagement and effectiveness across many different student groups.  Currently, I work for Amy Ogan and collaborate with Jessica Hammer.

My research interests stem from my background in linguistics and my work experience in computer science. I believe that educational technology should be accessible to learners worldwide, regardless of their cultural, linguistic, or socioeconomic backgrounds.

I spend a lot of time thinking about these things. Email me if these areas excite you, too!

About the name: My last name is pronounced pretty much how it looks!  My ancestors kindly reduced it from the original Polish version of Jarzębiński when they immigrated to the US. If you know slavic culture, you know it’s kinda weird that I have a male version of my family name.

About the picture: The banner picture is of Kopa Kondracka near Zakopane, Poland, which was the first mountain I summited in September 2013.  I took this picture right before my friend and I began our ascent to its 2,000+ meter peak. Baby steps, right?