Hello! I am a Research Associate in Carnegie Mellon University’s Human Computer Interaction Institute.  I investigate ways that educational technology can be better designed to serve diverse student populations, especially in terms of engagement and effectiveness across many different student groups.  Currently, I work with Amy Ogan and Jessica Hammer.

My own research interests stem from my background in linguistics and my work experience in computer science. I am interested in understanding how to make educational technology accessible and effective for learners worldwide, regardless of their cultural or linguistic backgrounds.

About the name: My last name is pronounced pretty much how it looks!  My ancestors kindly reduced it from the original Polish version of Jarzębińska when they immigrated to the US.

About the picture: The banner picture is of Kopa Kondracka near Zakopane, Poland, which was my first big (for me!) mountain I summitted in September 2013.  I took this picture right before we began our ascent to its 2,005 meter peak.

Permanent Address:EvelynHCI_Crop
Evelyn Yarzebinski
Carnegie Mellon University, HCII
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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Headshot courtesy of CMU’s HCII.